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Multiple Device Support

For the time being, only the code of VeryLittleWire that was provided for Python 2 will be transferred to Python 3, with more focus on unchanged interfaces than new features or behavior. Since the previous class could only handle a single Little Wire USB device, the multiple device feature will be integrated at a later time. This is then where PyFtdi’s multiple and simultaneous device usage feaures will most likely come in and require a rework of the inner and outer interfaces.

Unit Test Quality

All activities on the first Python 3 transfer are only protected by rudimentary unit tests with white box character. The entire PyUSB stack is simply mocked away and only the expected calls to the relevant PyUSB objects are tested and thus protected. Only with the so far only planned improvements based on the PyFtdi design, the test framework in practice there is also presented here. In addition to integration tests in combination with real hardware, simulated USB devices in clearly specified topologies can then also be included in the unit tests and the quality can be improved considerably, towards black box unit tests.


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Little Wire Python library

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The Little Wire Python library provides an interface to the Little Wire USB Multi-Tool developed by Ihsan Kehribar.


Install this via pip (or your favourite package manager):

pip install verylittlewire

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